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How it works
Would you like to feel happy and full of energy but “just can’t seem to make it happen?”

PMA Works! It will make you aware of how your brain and body work together, the cause of your complaints, and how the root of the problem can be erased.
The PMA technique brings the suppressed memory to the surface , you re-experience this memory, at that moment you detached the painful physiology, now it has no high value any more .Then in return, you feel relief and you feel at peace and also inner freedom and energised . It will empower you to make better choices in life: The Life That Suit You!!

PMA is all about feelings created through hidden or suppressed memories.
During a PMA session you will discover how the brain and physiology in our body work together. You will experience how PMA will clear up hidden saboteurs, thereby feeling joy and energy, together with inner peace. Therefore, the PMA technique is a tool for life!

Step 1. Our free introduction:
The first intake session is 30 minutes.
During our first session we introduce ourselves in person (or if you are long distance,
through Skype).

As a coach, I will explain you what PMA is and how I will work with you.
When we have an understanding and agreement, we are definitely ready to go on your adventure trip.

Step 2. The session:
The PMA session lasts approximately 2 hours. But remember, everybody is unique. Therefore, your PMA session will be adjusted to your needs. The result is a continued process of growth in your personal life. You will feel at peace and have true joy ,happiness ,energy and inner freedom!

Does this sound good to you?
Then please email me at coaching@pmaforlife.com or call me at 321-948-5801 for a free introductory session of 30 minutes.

I’m looking forward to meet you!

Click here (.pdf) for more information.
  PMA gives you  
•  Health •  Success
•  Hope   •  Energy
•  Confidence   •  Inner peace
•  Joy   •  Freedom
•  Balance   •  Harmony
  Through a combination of diverse
recent findings in psychology, biology, neuroscience, quantum physics and physiology, a breakthrough technique
has been developed called:
Progressive Mental Alignment ฎ.
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