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For You!
•    Are you suffering from depression, anger, phobias, and/or panic attacks?
• Are you dealing with stress, fatigue and symptoms of burnout?
• Do you feel as if you are a prisoner in your own body?
• Are you easily tired or quickly irritated, frustrated, or even exhausted?
• Are you suffering from physical complaints such as nightmares, migraine, or stomach aches?
• Do you feel as if you are being controlled by a fear of failing in life?
• Do you have psychosomatic complaints that can’t be placed or found in ordinary/regular health exams?
Our thoughts have a profound effect on our feelings, and in turn, our feelings affect our emotions. Therefore, when we experience very bad news or a traumatic event, the effect it has on our body can cause painful emotional and physical complaints. We observe people who carry heavy burdens and stresses every day in their lives. As a result, we literally see them bent over forward, with their shoulders rounded. As the saying goes: “They carry the whole world on their shoulders”. You can even see it in the way they walk. Chronic pain is also the result of how our body responds to our thinking, such as panic attacks, irregular heartbeat, stomach pain, migraine headaches, etc.

When we experience a traumatic event in our youth too painful to comprehend mentally, chances are that the fear we felt at that moment interfered with the process of properly filing or storing the information of that event in its rightful order in the brain. On a conscious level, we cannot remember the specific event, but through our subconscious our body does remember (even years later in life). Our body responds to that event by feeling the effects all over again, as if it just happened, resulting in physical and/or emotional pain.
  PMA gives you  
•  Health •  Success
•  Hope   •  Energy
•  Confidence   •  Inner peace
•  Joy   •  Freedom
•  Balance   •  Harmony
  Through a combination of diverse
recent findings in psychology, biology, neuroscience, quantum physics and physiology, a breakthrough technique
has been developed called:
Progressive Mental Alignment ฎ.
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